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Wedding singer testimonials

Wedding ceremony music is a key part of your day, immediately setting the mood and tone of the celebrations. Rachel Little is vastly experienced as a soprano wedding singer, and has received many compliments during her appearances as a wedding vocalist:

Rachel’s voice and presence lifted a beautiful wedding ceremony to ethereal heights. Rachel offered advice concerning the choice of music, with sensitivity and knowledge. Her singing spiritually uplifted everyone in the church, and the sung blessings were the most beautiful prayers.

Alison Boxford

Rachel sang at our son’s wedding at Lancaster Cathedral and our daughter’s wedding at a small country church in Norfolk. There could not have been two more different venues but on both occasions, Rachel gave the most moving, wonderful and appropriate performance, which enhanced both services and made the wedding ceremonies unforgettable and so very special.

Oratorio singer testimonials

Rachel little has worked with international orchestras and conductors, and received critical acclaim for her oratorio performances both here in the UK and internationally:

Once again Rachel Little was the outstanding soprano soloist. As ever her singing was thoughtful, intelligent and personal. She conveys Bach’s music to her audiences as if it had been written for each of them personally. There is tenderness and affection in every phrase. (Bach: St Matthew Passion)

Ian Jones

(Director of the Cumbria Choral Initiative and Levens Choir)

Soprano singer testimonials

Soprano singer Rachel Little has 15 years of experience on the professional platform and has received many compliments for her performances from recitals and operas to memorial services and private functions:

I will never ever forget the Handel aria that the soprano soloist sang during the ceremony… I was deeply moved. I am fairly well acquainted with the soprano voice and was impressed with her by all levels of comparison.

Parker Moss

(Best Man)